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How Do I Sign Up for

Simply follow the steps shown below:

Step 1. Send us an email by using the "Contact Us" page and provide your contact information. We will mail the "CHDP TELECOMMUNICATION PROVIDER AND BILLER APPLICATION/AGREEMENT" form.

Step 2. Fill in CHDP TELECOMMUNICATION PROVIDER AND BILLER APPLICATION/AGREEMENT. You are required to put your NPI on Provider number box.

Step 3. Mail the APPLICATION AGREEMENT to Xerox State Healthcare, CMC Unit, P.O. Box 15508, Sacramento, CA 95825-1508.
Note: You MUST Sign the Provider Signature with blue ink.

Step 4. Once state and the county approves your APPLICATION AGREEMENT we will contact you with your secure User Name and Password.

Step 5. Congratulations!!!!! You are now part of community. You can begin using and start submitting your claims.



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Testimonials Client Success Story Client Success Story Client Success Story
CHDPSystem is a wonderful program
Our clinic started using it in January 2011 and it is just great. The main reason I like it so much it shows us patients who are due for physicals and we can always check how many physicals have we done. We can go back to see if the CHDPSystem claim was accepted and CHDPSystem also sends an email when claims are paid. Thank you.
Medical Biller
CHDPSystem really works!
I was not sure about using the system, because it seemed to good to believe, but I signed up for CHDPSystem. One thing I love about CHDPSystem - I receive payment in one week instead of waiting for 3 weeks. The payments are 90-100% of what we billed for. CHDPSystem is a great system.
Medical Biller
I have used CHDPSystem and love it so much
I submitted the billing one week and by the next week I received the payments. The best part is that I can track of all the patients from all 4 clinics that I do billing for. The program is so easy to use and less time consuming.
Office Manager/Biller



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